XI ISQOLS Conference - Discovering new frontiers in quality-of-life research
1-4 novembre 2012
Venezia, Campus San Giobbe
"The discoveries of new territories by exploring the unknown sea that happened from the 15th Century onwards revealed new worlds to the European medieval society and allowed for the start of a process we know today as "Globalization". Today's challenges worldwide are no less difficult or easy. They require a deep reflection on how did we get here and where do we want to go in the future. As the Globalization process is imposing new pressures on the way people live their life and, as a consequence, on their quality of life, we need to encourage actions for helping people live happier and more fulfilled lives."

This thought was the starting point of talks and discussions at the XI ISQOLS Confernece "Discovering new frontiers in quality-of-life research", held in Campus San Giobbe from the 1st to the 4th Novembre 2012.
The conference registered high attendance, the adverse weather condition notwithstanding: many attendees enjoyed the typical high-tide on the first day of workshop!

Another success in the long lasting and proficient collaboration between Ca' Foscari University and Venezia Congressi, who managed online registration and the general organization of the conference and collateral events.