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A rigorous approach to Continuous Medical Education (CME)

We have followed the evolution of the Italian CME system, and believe in it. Thanks to the Group's accredited providers, we can count on an experienced and prestigious Scientific Committee that knows how to grasp the needs of the medical community and meet such requirements with useful, highly qualified training services. We accredit events, and follow the entire process from event planning to the issuing of certificates and CME credits.

and planning
constant updates on CME rulesaccredited providersrequests for CME creditsassistance in programme planningassessment of learning
training needs
survey and analysis of training needs of healthcare professionalsquestionnaires and surveys
drafting of the programmeteaching formatscontacts with speakers to collect all necessary documents preparation of questionnaires or other instruments to assess learning
on site
skilled hostesses and stewardssoftware and hardware for electronic attendance registershelp desk for participants and speakerscollection of questionnaires
correction of questionnaires and assessment of learningpreparation of CME certificates and dispatch to participantsaccounting and payments due to Italian authorities